Traditionally dinners depending where you come from will have from one to many different courses. A good example of many courses would be from an opulent dinner in a posh french hotel where the menu may consist of  a soup to start with then a fish dish, followed by an entrĂ©e, then a sorbet (a sort of frozen dessert made from fruit flavoured water, that cleans the pallet), then we start to get down to the real food with a roast and all the trimmings, after this a salad because we need something healthy, now we have had the health food we can get a a sweet dessert of some kind and to end everything off some cheese. To wash this all down anything from three to six different wines and to top this off some coffee with a big fat cigar.

But it has to be said that the French are not known for their obesity and there is a big lesson to be learned here, if you are going to serve one course by all means heap the plate up and make sure that the pot is close by for some seconds but the more courses you lay on the smaller the portions become, even to the point of being tiny, we are trying to titivate taste buds not bloat our guest to the point where they cant walk. I recommend only two or at the outside three courses for a number of reasons. 1. you don't want to burn yourself out in the kitchen with a whole load of stress and work, the idea is to get to know your guest with some friendly chat and not to train for an iron man competition. 2. the more courses the more pots, pans and crockery you will need and this equals more washing up to do afterwards, and 3. we are back to KISS, the less we have to do the less that can go wrong.

So a visually pleasing starter that you make from scratch in front of his or her very eyes will put your guests mind at rest about going home hungry or getting poisoned. Then a main course that has as few ingredient's in as possible, preferably one where a lot of preparation work that can be done prior to you guest arriving and then to end it off a sweet that needs no more than putting on a plate or in a dish. Too add a forth course of some grate cheeses served with some savory biscuit's some fig preserve and a small, i said small glass of port on your wooden chopping board is about as classy as it gets, I love KISS.